the need

Unmanned operations, on land, at sea or in the air, require precise real-time positioning and sensor information for autonomous guidance and control, and/or accurate post-processed positioning and orientation solutions for direct georeferencing (What is DG?) of imaging payloads.

the challenge

Combining highly accurate inertial and GNSS information with sensor information from payloads can be costly and complex. Practical and financial constraints play their part, especially if the vehicle itself is a relatively low-cost device. Assisted aerial triangulation requires costly and time consuming ground control. UAVs have very exacting requirements for size, weight and power (SWAP) of payload sensors.

the solution

Applanix APX-15 UAV or AP20 board stacks provide the right balance of precision, size and price for UAV-borne applications. POS MV SurfMaster provides the same balance of results and price for marine applications. And for land-based field robotics and vehicle autonomy, a whole range of solutions exist from entry-level to high-end products, for a host of applications from small-scale field robotics to autonomous operation of heavy plant and machinery in rugged terrain

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