The Applanix UAV OEM Program is supported worldwide and is designed for UAV manufacturers, sensor manufacturers, and UAV systems integrators. The program offers qualified partners the ability to profitably augment their current offerings, both product and service related, by adding Trimble APX GNSS-inertial board sets, plus integrated inertial measurement units (IMU). These feature high performance precision GNSS receivers and the industry leading Applanix IN-Fusion™ technology. Specifically for UAVs, where size and weight limitations are paramount, Applanix offers everything you need to turn your UAV into a professional mapping solution including a product line of DG for UAV board sets (The APX series). The Applanix OEM boards are specifically designed for Direct Georeferencing data collected from a sensor carried by a UAV. This provides for the precise geographic positioning of imagery collected including RGB photos, LiDAR, hyperspectral, radar, thermal, and other data.

Why Applanix?

  • Applanix is considered the premium brand for airborne georeferencing. We were the first company to provide commercial GNSS-aided inertial systems for georeferencing of airborne mapping sensors, and are still considered the leaders in this field for technology and application support. Hence we have a deep knowledge base of how this technology can be integrated and used on various types of sensors.
  • We supply full integration support to our customers. The knowledge is not trivial and takes years of experience to learn.
  • Applanix provides inertial error characterization, IMU development and calibration, which allow us to develop custom hardware and software solutions to achieve performance that others cannot achieve.
  • Applanix invests in continual innovation and product enhancements, plus OEM solutions that address unique customer needs.
  • Our technology provides exceptional reliability.
  • Applanix proprietary technology gives us superior performance.
Program Details

The Applanix UAV OEM Program provides UAV manufacturers, sensor manufacturers, and systems integrators with Applanix products and services via a Preferred Supply Agreement. As part of the program Applanix will provide the following:

  • UAV OEM products (hardware and software)
  • Support to integrate products with a UAV platform or sensor system
  • OEM partner training
  • Help desk support
  • Responsive in-field support with guaranteed response times and support spares
  • Maintenance service for end-users
  • Access to professional services
  • OEM partner marketing support

How can Applanix help me compete and help me save my customers time and money?

The Applanix APX technology provides the most accurate georeferencing technology required to deliver survey grade mapping services to the mapping and GIS community. We do this by providing a superior Direct Georeferencing solution, which provides both a cost and time savings over traditional Aerial Triangulation methods.

This is achieved by:

  • reducing or even eliminating the collection of ground control points in order to position mapping data accurately on the ground
  • providing more efficient mission execution by significantly reducing the need for sidelap, thus extending the UAV coverage area, or reducing the flight time required
  • reducing the time it takes to process the collected data


Designed for UAV manufacturers, sensor manufacturers, and UAV systems integrators.

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