Direct Georeferencing for UAV Products & Services

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APX UAV - DG Systems

The Applanix DG solutions for UAV’s are comprised of high performance, compact GNSS-Inertial hardware designed specifically for UAV’s, and industry leading post-processing software for generating the data required to georeference each pixel or point from a mapping sensor.

Trimble APX-15 UAV: Single board GNSS-Inertial solution for DG from small UAVS

Trimble APX-15 EI UAV: Support for an external IMU for gimballed platform

Trimble APX-18 UAV: Dual GNSS antenna configuration for low speeds/hovering, LiDAR

Trimble APX-20 UAV: External IMU for highest accuracy and higher altitude mapping

Trimble POSPac UAV: Post-processing SW for DG on UAV's

Direct Georeferencing as a service

Hardware plus Software equals service

Direct Georeferencing as a Services (DGaaS) is a new OEM product offering that includes Trimble APX-UAV hardware as a service, which features a special firmware license for processing your UAV data on a pay-per-use basis in the Cloud.

Hardware as a Service

What’s available: Trimble APX-15 UAV, Trimble APX-15 EI UAV, Trimble APX-18 UAV, and Trimble APX-20 UAV

Software as a Service

What’s included: Applanix POSPac UAV Cloud API for Post Processing, OEM Interface App and Applanix POSPac as a Service


Features and Benefits
As a Product
  • Small, lightweight and low-power GNSS-inertial components
  • Direct georeferencing capability means no need to survey ground control points
  • Full real-time and post-mission position and orientation solutions for direct georeferencing of mapping sensors
  • Compatible with all types of mapping sensors: cameras, LiDAR, SAR, Hyperspectral, Thermal, NI
  • Compact single-board OEM modules complete with low-noise, survey-grade multi-frequency, multi-constellation GNSS receiver and MEMS inertial components
  • High accuracy time tagging of mapping sensor data to common time base
As a Service
  • For Applanix OEM Partners
  • HaaS + SaaS model where the APX UAV HW is provided at cost+ and its value is only paid for when a trajectory is processed through a cloud processing engine on a per minute price.
  • DGaaS offers a scalable business model, simply add capacity by subscribing to addition technology
  • Comprised of Hardware (HaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS): Applanix APX UAV DGaaS GNSS/IMU units; and POSPac UAV Cloud for automatic data processing
  • Provides a subscription based model for UAV Direct Georeferencing
  • Maintenance and upgrades are available with the DGaaS subscription
  • Hardware and Software are licensed on a pay-per-use basis
  • Low cost, low risk access to advanced Direct Georeferencing technology
  • Pay as you go model means less up-front cash outlay
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UAV Augmentation solutions

GNSS augmentation (See Webinar) is required to generate cm level absolute position accuracy for mapping applications. The Applanix GNSS augmentation solutions guarantee the highest level of accuracy, are simple to use, cost-effective, and seamlessly integrated into the APX UAV Direct Georeferencing workflow.

Applanix SmartBase™: generates a set of observations for a virtual base station exactly where and when you need it!


Applanix POSPac Post-processed Trimble Centerpoint™ RTX (PP-RTX®) Correction Service: Centimeter positioning without base stations


Features and Benefits
  • Automatic survey of base station coordinates using Trimble™ RTX™ service
  • Applanix SmartBase™ Cloud service for mapping without dedicated base stations (where available)
  • DG for UAVs

Applanix POSPac UAV® Data Processing Solutions

Applanix POSPac UAV®: GNSS-aided inertial post-processing software for georeferencing data from the Trimble APX series of board sets.

Applanix POSPac® LiDAR QC Tools: Comprised of a set of Applanix POSPac software tools developed by Trimble Applanix to achieve the highest level of georeferencing accuracy with a UAV based LiDAR payload integrated with the Trimble APX UAV GNSS-Inertial products.


ApplanixPPK: An easy-to-use Web App Cloud Service to post-process kinematic Differential GNSS position for UAVs and drones. The ApplanixPPK Cloud processing runs the GNSS trajectory refinement which supports your drone mapping applications.


Learn more about Trimble Inpho UASMaster Photogrammetry Learn more about eCognition Essentials Remote Sensing

Features and Benefits
  • Automatic survey of base station coordinates using Trimble™ RTX™ service
  • Applanix SmartBase™ Cloud service for mapping without dedicated base stations (where available)

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