• Available across Applanix' entire airborne mapping portfolio
  • No 3rd party involvement whatsoever (Trimble provided)
  • Fast and reliable convergence – 30 minutes or less to full accuracy
  • Satellite-delivered global positioning delivered by L-Band satellite or by the Internet
  • No additional hardware to purchase, integrate or maintain
  • More uptime, fast initialization
  • Very High Accuracy – < 0.1 m RMS Horizontal, < 0.2 m RMS Vertical
  • Fully compatible with the Applanix POSPac™ software
  • Very high accuracy
  • More uptime and reliability
  • Fully compatible with the Applanix POSPac™ Software
  • High speed and low cost
  • Easy to use
  • Fast and reliable convergence
"Aero-Photo has benefitted from working with Applanix. Their systems work perfectly. Their record of performance with us is outstanding."
Marcel LabergeMarcel Laberge, Director, Geospatial Services, Aero-Photo

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