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What are LiDAR QC Tools for UAV?

Original - LiDAR Scan of Silo
Processed - LiDAR Scan of Silo

LiDAR QC Tools for UAV are a set of POSPac software tools developed by Applanix to achieve the highest level of georeferencing accuracy with a UAV based LiDAR payload integrated with the Trimble APX UAV GNSS-Inertial products.

The LiDAR QC Tools creates Voxels (3D pixels) from the LiDAR data and matches these in overlap regions. It then runs an iterative least squares adjustment using the matched points to solve for the constant IMU boresight angles, and optionally makes corrections to the trajectory (position and orientation) used to generate the points. The boresight misalignment angles are ready to be applied in third party software with either the original or corrected trajectory file, or a new trajectory file can be exported with the boresights applied

LiDAR QC Tools for UAV also includes an LAS point cloud generator for visualization of the final product.


Boresight Calibration

Original - LiDAR Scan of Power Lines
Processed - LiDAR Scan of Power Lines

Boresight calibration is an important part of UAV LiDAR integration because misalignment between the IMU and LiDAR frame will result in a less accurate point cloud.

LiDAR QC Tools for UAV precisely estimates the boresight misalignment angles between an Applanix IMU and a synchronized LiDAR scanner when the LiDAR is flown with overlapping strips in a typical block configuration. No ground reference is required.

The software is hardware-agnostic and can work with any LiDAR system.


Purchase and Demo Options

Our completely integrated post-processing workflow in POSPac MMS or POSPac UAV makes it easy to run the tools automatically, with the push of a button. Our purchasing options mean you can use only what you need by choosing from our boresight-only or boresight and trajectory adjustment licences.

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