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We are committed to developing and sharing research and insights that will help you succeed in your next mobile mapping challenge. See our product list below for a list of our recent publications as they relate to our products and solutions.

POS AV and POSTrack

POS AVX 210/Phase One iXU150 Accuracy Assessment

Tight Integration of GNSS Post-processed Virtual Reference Station with Inertial Data for Increased Accuracy and Productivity of Airborne Mapping
POSPac MMS for Airborne Mapping Applications
Increased Productivity through Direct-Georeferencing and Flight Management
POSTrack - One compact system, one complete solution 
GPS and Inertial Navigation 
System Performance Analysis of INS/GPS Integrated System for Mobile Mapping System (MMS) 
Precision Aircraft GPS Positioning Using CORS 
Sensor Integration Aids Mapping at Ground Zero 
Camera/IMU Boresight Calibration: New Advances and Performance Analysis 
Airborne DGPS Without Dedicated Base Stations for Mapping Applications 
ISAT Direct Exterior Orientation QA/QC Strategy Using POS Data 
Airborne Kinematic Positioning and Attitude Determination Without Base Stations 
Direct Positioning and Orientation Systems, How Do They Work, What is the Attainable Accuracy? 
Airborne Direct Georeferencing of Frame Imagery: An Error Budget
Ground Accuracy from Directly Georeferenced Imagery - Article GIM International, Dec 2000

Direct Mapping Solutions for UAVs

Hanseatic Aviation Solutions - UAV S360 Provides New Payload Option with APX-15 UAV, PhaseOne

Accuracy Assessment of Direct Georeferencing for Photogrammetric Applications on Small Unmanned Aerial Platforms

Direct Georeferencing on Small Unmanned Platforms for Improved Reliability and Accuracy of Mapping without GCPs

DMS-UAV Accuracy Assessment: AP20 with Nikon D800E
A new type of direct georeferencing for a new type of photogrammetry


Utilization of Position and Orientation Data for Preplanning and Real Time Autonomous Vehicle Navigation

POS for Autonomous Vehicle Navigation

Dream, then do 

Get Ready, Get Set, Race!
The DARPA Grand Challenge and Its Legacy
Race for the Prize
Applanix POS LV 200 - Generating continuous positioning accuracy in the absence of GPS reception 
Using Inertially-Aided Real-Time Kinematic Technology as a Land-Based Mapping Tool 
Aided Inertial Technology: Positioning for the Future  
Inertially Aided RTK Performance Evaluation 
Evaluating the Use of Inertial GPS While Collecting PMS Data 
Robust Positioning with Single Frequency Inertially-Aided RTK 
The Road Data Acquisition System MoSES 
Robust Inertially-Aided RTK Position Measurement 
Precise Robust Positioning with Inertial/ GPS RTK


Indoor Mobile Mapping Takes Off at LAX


Tightly Integrated Inertially-Aided Post Processed Virtual Reference Station Technique for Marine Hydrography
An Analysis of Vertical Position Error Estimation in TPE and CUBE for Hydrographic Surveying
Hydrographic Surveying on the Ellipsoid with Inertially-Aided RTK 
Direct Comparison of the Motion Sensors' Performance from the 2005 Common Dataset 
Error Estimation in Positioning and Orientation Systems 
New Generation of POS, a Boost for Hydrographic Surveying 


LANDMark Marine

Creating a Seamless Model of the Littoral and Near Shore Environments

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