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From the remote seascape of the Arctic Ocean to deep underground in modern, autonomous mines, in the immediate aftermath of natural disasters or during your morning commute through urban canyons, Applanix products are the standard for organisations that depend on extreme accuracy to ensure safety and quality and who value experienced partners who solve with simplicity and persistence.

Our industry leading sensor fusion technology provides the most consistent and highly accurate positioning no matter your sensor stack. Our customers have access to the most advanced solutions to collect, manage, and analyse complex information faster and easier, making them more productive, efficient, and profitable.

It's not just our products that are dependable, but our people too. We are inventive in our approach and passionate about our industry, continuously pushing it forward. And like our solutions, we work hard and work well in all conditions. Whether on the ground, in the air, or on water, we design practical solutions to meet the complex needs of our customers, partners, and society.

In a dynamic world, you need confidence in your direction in order to realize your vision. With Applanix products, you can Trust your Position.

Since 1991 thousands of businesses around the world have come to rely on Trimble's Applanix products.

Trimble's Applanix was founded on defense and aerospace industry expertise and has been a part of Trimble (TRMB on NASDAQ) since 2003. Our Applanix Position and Orientation Systems (POS™) have become the world's industry-standard for airborne, land, marine, and indoor mobile survey operations. With global reach, unequaled engineering excellence, and worldwide 24/7 customer support, we lead the world in high-productivity in-motion surveying, direct data georeferencing, and robust mobile mapping.

Trimble Applanix POS technology is now powering new revolutions in both autonomous vehicle technology and mobile mapping in GNSS-denied spaces.


Trimble launches the Autonomy Development Platform


New product: portfolio of OEM products for DG for UAVs (APX-15 EI UAV, APX-18 UAV, APX-20 UAV)

Applanix POSPac Cloud is released

The Trimble GNSS Smart Target Base Station for UAV mapping is launched


Applanix POSPac 8 featuring PP-RTX is released


TIMMS 2.0 is released


Our first GNSS-intertial system for UAVs (APX-15 UAV) is launched


Trimble CenterPoint RTX correction service is introduced to our airborne mapping solutions


Applanix POSPac MMS 5.4 is released with IN-Fusion Precise Point Positioning Technology for decimetre-level positioning without base stations


New product: Trimble AP Series of boardsets brings Applanix GNSS-inertial technology to OEMs


New brand with a new logo and corporate colours is revealed


Winner! Applanix POS LV technology is used onboard seven of the DARPA 3 Urban Grand Challenge vehicles, including the winner from Carnegie Mellon


Trimble Applanix incorporates micro-machined sensor technology with it's line of position and orientation system products

DARPA 2 is a success! Applanix POS LV steers CMU engineers to double podium finish in unmanned vehicle race


Applanix becomes a Trimble company and operates as a wholly owned subsidiary


Applanix releases POSPac 4.0 for more accurate mapping and surveying through GNSS post-processing


Applanix grows... Staff increases 10x to about 70 employees while revenue increases 30x to over $18 million. Applanix is recognized as the world leader in consistent positioning for commercial, non-aerospace, markets


Applanix is among the top 100 fastest growing companies in Canada and a leading exporter as a percentage of sales


Applanix is becoming an industry leader! POS MV and POS AV-DG establish market dominance


Applanix delivers first POS AV

Applanix delivers first POS TG


Applanix deliver first POS LV

Applanix delivers first POS MV


Honeywell puts the Advanced Technology Centre (ATC) up for sale as they restructure their aerospace and defence business

Applies Analytics Corporation (AAC) is incorporated with the business purpose to contract R&D to government and industry in integrated navigation, motion compensation, and image processing

Who we are

We want to orient our partners for success by providing the most complete and customised solutions while continuously championing the technology revolution that allows pinpoint positioning in any condition.

of Thought

We are inventive in our approach because everyone at Trimble Applanix is an inspired engineer.


Our products and our people work hard, work smart and work well in any condition.

Passion for People and Partnerships

Our culture is caring and cooperative. We love what we do and partner with the industry to continue pushing it forward.

Solving through Simplicity

We customise practical solutions to meet the complex and dynamic needs of customers, partners and society.

A vision
of the future

A future where everyone can have confidence in their direction because they trust their position.

We are a growing team of inspired engineers

The value we place on our people is deeply-seated in our culture. We build teams around passionate, inventive, and dependable individuals who aspire to make a lasting impact. In turn we nurture their development through a co-operative atmosphere that focuses on employee well-being.

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