ApplanixPPK is a Web App Cloud Service to post-process kinematic position for UAVs and drones. It will process a GNSS trajectory based on Rover Rinex and Base Rinex Data or RTX CenterPoint corrections. In addition, it will provide the EO parameter for imagery, if exposure time stamps are available and converted to a PhotoID file (Photo Number, Exposure Time). The creation of the PhotoID file can be done right in the Web App.

ApplanixPPK combines POSPac processing techniques with Trimble GNSS technology.

PPK (post-processed kinematic) is an alternative approach to RTK (real-time kinematic). As the name says, PPK is not happening in real-time, but later, in post-processing mode. PPK merges the rover onboard GNSS data with base station data (collected at the same time) and geotag the drone images. Doing this in post-processing mode provides more flexibility and better accuracy. Compared to RTK, no real-time link between the base station and drone is required; hence less infrastructure is needed in field. Due to the nature of receiving more accurate results from PPK, fewer GCP's (ground control points) are required in field, which is a cost-saving factor. In addition, PPK may also serve as a backup for RTK if something goes wrong in real-time.

RTK requires a real-time link via receiver/transmitter and is subject to interruptions, reducing the final position precision. It also adds hardware needed in the field and on the drone. PPK does not have such limitations. RTK integrates the corrections only in forward mode while PPK runs backward processing to get a better picture of GNSS errors to create a smoother solution. This solution is of higher precision and more robust.

POSPac PP-RTX (Post-Processed CenterPoint RTX) is a cloud-based global GNSS correction service that utilizes Trimble's RTX technology to provide centimetre level post-processed positioning accuracy without base stations. The Trimble RTX technology uses data from a dedicated global network of tracking stations to compute corrections to satellite orbit and clock information and atmospheric delay models.

The trajectory information is used to generate a set of RTX corrections unique to the mission. ApplanixPPK processes the corrections along with the raw GNSS data to generate a PPK solution with centimetre level accuracy, all without the need for local base stations. The service is available within minutes after data collection has been completed.

Yes, this service is a global service. However, PP-RTX is segmented into a standard region (global) and fast regions.

Fast regions: Convergence time is within 1 – 2 minutes. Datasets from 10 minutes to several hours can reliably be processed with 3 cm horizontal and 6 cm vertical error (RMS). See fast region here.

Standard region: Convergence time is 15 to 20 minutes. Datasets from 30 minutes to several hours can reliably be processed at 3 cm horizontal and 6 cm vertical error (RMS).

For short flights (< 30 minutes), you will need to be in a fast region to obtain the specified performance.

SmartBase will utilize free available base stations worldwide to process a precise GNSS trajectory. The user does not need to provide a base station. However, there are regions in the world that are well covered and others that are less covered (sparse). We recommend the user pre-check their coverage by using our SmartBase Cloud App. The user can proceed with SmartBase processing if CORS well covers the mission area; otherwise, the user may need to load their base station for single base processing.

No! Users can make use of the RTX CenterPoint Technology and survey in the local base station. The only condition is that RTX CenterPoint supports the antenna, and the time is long enough (30 – 60 minutes). A list of supported antennas can be found here.

It depends on the project length, but for standard operations (approximately 10 – 15 minutes), the results can be obtained in about 5 minutes via a download link.

The Web App will process the trajectory at 1Hz frequency and provide a generic ASCII file and the binary Applanix SBET.

No, ApplanixPPK supports only GNSS processing.

  • Automatically generates position at time of exposure
  • Fast and robust GNSS ambiguity solution
  • "Survey in" function for provided base station (base coordinates processed by Trimble CenterPoint® RTX Technology) – no need to triangulate coordinates offline or by other service

  • Web app creates Photold "on-the-job" eliminating the need to create it manually upfront
  • Solution is delivered in different formats (e.g. Applanix ASCII, UASMaster PRJ, Applanix SBET)
  • Processing Report and Log Files available
  • Keeps record of all projects as long as account is active
  • Re-process same data at no additional cost
  • Applanix world-wide support (24/7)
  • Get results in a few clicks
  • Easy-to-use Web App
  • Monthly rate with pay-per-use upgrade otpions 
  • Obtain a high accuracy Carrier Phase Differential GNSS Solution
POSTrack POSPac MMS with In-Fusion & SmartBase will be the best way forward in all aerial survey ops.
Ezra PhilipseEzra Philipse, Technical Director, Aerodata International
"In the office, Applanix POSPac MMS software delivers fast and accurate data post-processing and versatile data output."
John KnowlesJohn Knowles, Vice President, First Base Solutions

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