• LiDAR and camera systems designed to work indoors - and other GNSS-denied areas of all sizes and locations - in mobile mode
  • Data processing workflow for producing 2D / 3D floor plans and models
  • Applanix Advanced Positioning System
  • Provides high speed collection: Map 250,000 square feet in a single day
  • Includes all computers and electronics for completing data acquisition


  • High accuracy
  • Fully customizable
  • Low cost
  • Simple workflow with quick data turnaround
  • Fast - complete 250,000 square feet of space in a single day
  • Commercial grade IMUs for ease of export

Trimble Indoors Mobile Mapping Solution (TIMMS) surveying a building with graffiti in California. Photo courtesy of Contoured Inc.

The Trimble Indoor Mobile Mapping Solution (TIMMS) is fully compatible with Solv3D visualization software.

SOLV3D encompass (Encompass) is a web-based solution for empowering data consolidation, visualization and collaboration. With the ability to bring together geospatial datasets from many sources, Encompass provides a wholistic view in which visualization and collaboration between team members is intuitive and easy, yet incredibly powerful. 

For additional information including pricing or product demonstration, please contact Solv3D by visiting their website.

View Indoor Visualization Tour

Learn more about how Solv3d Visualization Tour works here:

How Solv3d Works

Sample of Solv3d visualization, produced by the TIMMS. 

Contact your local dealer for more information on TIMMS service in your area:

"The TIMMS cart performed as we hoped. We captured over 90 buildings quickly and accurately. The Applanix team was very knowledgeable in the data capture techniques and trained our staff so that we were able to complete the last several buildings of the project ourselves."
Ezra PhilipseScott Sherwood, VP, Pictometry
“Using the Applanix TIMMS platform for data collection enabled us to scan over 1.8 million square feet in under 30 hours. This process would have taken in excess of 3 weeks using the traditional tripod based interior LiDAR method. We really enjoyed working with the Applanix team and look forward to future projects.”
ImageEd Maghboul, President, x-Spatial
“Our team was able to successfully scan 40,000 square meters in one day, thanks to the TIMMS technology, its software, and the additional support Applanix offers through product training. We highly recommend Applanix and the Trimble Indoor Mobile Mapping Solution.”
Image Oliver Reichl, Bayern Drohne

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