• Automatic download of CORS
  • Huge CORS database (worldwide)
  • Applying the VRS concept for mobile mapping environment
  • Network adjustment to ensure proper coordinates
  • Centralized multi-base approach
  • Mix stations from various sources and providers
  • Base station validation
  • Cover large areas - bridge large distances
  • Overcome short baseline restriction
  • Increase productivity
  • Eliminate the need to setup dedicated base station(s)
  • Eliminate the need to download base stations manually from various service sites
  • Achieve higher accuracy over longer distances
  • Increase robustness
  • Minimize production cost and re-work
"Aero-Photo has benefitted from working with Applanix. Their systems work perfectly. Their record of performance with us is outstanding."
Marcel LabergeMarcel Laberge, Director, Geospatial Services, Aero-Photo

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