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The Applanix Autonomy Development Platform is fully customizable and designed to provide the right level of support for any stage of development - from idea to full production.  The platform includes Development Kits for the research/development/testing stage, and Production Kits for producing the finished vehicles.  

Development Kits are designed to meet the unique needs of your particular applications and vehicles under development and can include highest accuracy POS LV systems, the POS LVX, POSPac software, integration services, engineering services, cabling, connectors etc.  

Production Kits include high volume, inexpensive OEM board sets for installation in the final vehicles, as well as engineering support, integration services, etc.

These kits can be fused with Visual Aided Odometry, Map Matching, Radar Maps and other technologies. Componenets are customizable in design, input/output interfaces, size and shape - all optimized to your system and vehicle.

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  • Reduced Costs - Customized solution for all vehicles, environments and applications means no rework or changing technology
  • Faster To Market - Customized to accelerate all stages of development and production
  • One Stop Shop - Includes engineering services, integration services, proven hardware and software
  • Flexibility - Custom support for production of on-road  and off-road vehicles.  Custom support for research, development, testing and production stages of commercialization.
  • Precise, high-rate, low-latency, real-time data
  • Quick operational capability
  • Requires little space in the vehicles
  • Uses the latest survey-grade GNSS technology for improved positioning performance
"We welcome the opportunity to work with Applanix, a leader in reference systems. Their technology identifies, with very high accuracy, the exact location of our vehicle at all times. Applanix is a valued industry partner and their team is great to work with. Going forward we anticipate a solution that will enable autonomous vehicles to traverse the real world reliably and safely"
Ross McKenzieRoss McKenzie, Managing Director, WatCAR
"Applanix position and orientation technology is robust and accurate, making it essential for enabling autonomous vehicles to navigate themselves through difficult industrial environments. Applanix offers OEM components for tight integration and complete turnkey systems all with ROS (Robot Operating System) compatibility and this makes them an excellent partner for Clearpath as we move forward in autonomous vehicle development."
Matt RendallMatt Rendall, CEO of Clearpath

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