Trimble Applanix Transitions to the Trimble Brand
Trimble’s Applanix Transitions to the Trimble Brand Identity
Company embraces new aesthetic look and feel, while providing same trusted quality and expertise

As you may have realized from our building, our website, and other promotional items, Applanix Corporation has fully adopted the Trimble global brand identity including the Trimble logo, colour scheme, and other standards and templates. The name Applanix does live on, however, as the brand name of the Positioning and Orientation Systems (POS) product line we first introduced to the mobile mapping world back in the 1990s, including the POS AV, POS MV, POS LV, and POSPac. These are now known as the Applanix POS systems, i.e. Applanix POS AV, Applanix POSPac MMS, etc.

Trimble's Applanix POSPac Product
Trimble's product line includes Applanix POSPac, featured above.

While the Trimble look and feel may seem new to some of you, Applanix is celebrating its 20th anniversary of becoming  “A Trimble Company” this year, and this change is a branding matter only. There are no changes to the people, products, or services we provide. Customers can expect the same trusted quality, expert knowledge, and unparalleled product support across our entire portfolio of products as they have always had.

Trimble Applanix will continue its ongoing commitment to innovation and new product development within the mobile mapping and surveying industry, and will continue to leverage Trimble’s connected ecosystem of capabilities, networks, and partnerships to bring added value and benefit to our customers.

We encourage customers to connect with us through all the same channels as beforeincluding our website, and by locating us at upcoming trade shows and conferences as part of the Trimble Booth.

Trimble’s Applanix attending GEO Week on February 11, 2023

ABOVE: Trimble’s Applanix attending GEO Week on February 11, 2023

As we celebrate this milestone 20th anniversary with Trimble, we wish to express our ongoing gratitude to all of our customers who continue to rely on our products and solutions for pinpoint accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use in all of their mobile mapping, survey, and autonomy applications. We look forward to many more decades assisting companies, developers, manufacturers, surveyors, and engineers reach their project goals by providing inertial navigation solutions that they can depend on with confidence.  

Although our logo and branding look has changed, please note that we continue to operate with the legal name Applanix Corporation.

Trimble Applanix

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