terrestrial mobile mapping

the need

Consumers demand timely geospatial data of their immediate surroundings, which includes digital maps, 3D models, and georeferenced images and video. Land surveying using traditional static tools is time-consuming and costly.  Collecting this information safely, accurately, and cost-effectively requires doing so from a moving vehicle (mobile mapping) in often difficult conditions and on rough terrain.

the challenge

Mobile mapping in traffic from a road vehicle requires capturing a high range of dynamics in cities, through forests, and even underground. GNSS-only positioning, which requires an open view of the sky, is often unavailable or unreliable and cannot support high-volume, automated workflows.  GNSS-aided inertial systems are required.

the solution

POS LV is at the heart of the world’s leading mobile mapping systems, providing unbeatable precision and rapid processing of vehicle trajectory data even in rough terrain and area where direct line of sight access to satellite is limited, making static land survey tools obsolete.

Mobile Mapping

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