mining and autonomy

the need

The mining industry is in the transition towards automation in order to lower costs and improve production within mines. Autonomous mining vehicles and applying robotic technology to mining vehicles will greatly improve mining operations. Automation technologies are an efficient way to mitigate the effects of widespread labor shortages for positions such as haul truck driver. 

the challenge

In the face of falling commodity prices, many mining companies are looking for ways to dramatically reduce overhead costs while still maintaining site safety and integrity; automation may be the answer.

the solution

Mining automation, including automated haulage systems, represents a significant opportunity for cost savings and increased productivity. Applanix POS LV, our GNSS-aided inertial positoning system, is a critical component for implemeting mining automation in vehicles.

Designed to operate under the most difficult conditions and environments, POS LV enables accurate positioning. POS LV is a compact, fully integrated, turnkey position and orientation system which utilizes integrated inertial technology to generate stable, reliable, and repeatable positioning solutions for mining operations. 

Mining Autonomous Applications

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