agriculture & autonomy

the need

Farms are looking to technology to lower costs and improve efficiencies. One specific area for improvement is planting accuracy; improved planting accuracy results in seed conservation and improved overall ROI. Other areas technology can impact are soil condition assessment and reduced workload and stress on employees.

the challenge

Farming is very labour intensive work requiring high-precision and precise positioning. Farm machinery is also very expensive to maintain and to run, requiring high quantities of expensive fuel and many hours of manpower to operate and maintain.

the solution

Autonomous tractors and other farm equipment can save fuel, man hours, and overall cost, while being very precise in their movements, making farms much more efficient. Applanix POS LV, a critical component of the Applanix Autonomy Development Platform, provides positioning and orientation data enabling autonomous farming vehicles for the large-scale farming industry.  

Agriculture & Autonomy

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