Advanced Air Mobility

the need

Advanced air mobility is the concept of air transportation where people and goods are transported using autonomous electric vertical takeoff and landing drones. It covers emerging applications like drone delivery of consumer and medical goods to suburbs and rural locations. As well as future applications to move people between places that are not easily accessible with today’s transportation methods.


the challenge

Position and orientation information is critical to the safe operation of these drones. The positioning system has to work reliably in all operating environments to provide accurate, precise information to the drone’s navigation, guidance and control system.


the solution

The Trimble PX-1 RTX is a subscription based product providing centimeter level position using Trimble CenterPoint RTX, eliminating the need for base station infrastructures. It is equipped with high performance IMUs that provide heading information immune to environmental effects. Finally, the Applanix IN-Fusion+ engine brings various inputs together to deliver the best position and orientation accuracy regardless of the operating environment.

Advanced Air Mobility

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