Drone Delivery

the need

Last mile delivery is the most expensive stage of the supply chain today, and drone delivery is emerging as a viable alternative to traditional delivery methods. At maturity, drone delivery will reduce the delivery cost and cut back on energy emissions, all while delivering packages to consumers in a shorter period of time.


the challenge

Position and orientation information is a critical input to the safe navigation and guidance of these drones. As delivery drones take on more complex operations in ever challenging environments, you need to trust the accuracy and reliability of the positioning technology anywhere, anytime.


the solution

The Trimble PX-1 RTX is a subscription-based hardware and software service that provides accurate positioning and orientation information in all environments. It delivers centimetre-level positioning accuracy without the need for base stations using Trimble CenterPoint RTX corrections and the high-performing IMU provides heading without magnetic interference.

Drone Delivery Applications

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