• Applanix SmartBase™ and IN-Fusion™ technology for high accuracy, productivity
  • Built-in database of GNSS reference stations enables POSPac MMS to find the most suitable reference stations
  • Layered based viewing - overlay real-time and post-processed solutions with base-station locations and other data for quick visualization of projects
  • Rigorous quality assurance and control
  • Modern and customizable user interface to customize the workflow
  • Interactive display plots with multiple selection features for overlaying plots
  • Project management and reporting options
  • Convenient, unified global project settings
  • Import, manage and assess the data from your POS and GNSS reference stations
  • Simultaneous multiple user views (3D, 2D, and points tables)
  • Collapsible project explorer menu with quick access to properties of various data sets
  • Batch manager provides capability for processing large volumes of data with a minimum of user interaction


  • Reduce flight times or fly more lines per mission by flying sharper turns
  • Reduce deployment costs by using existing reference station networks
  • Reduce production costs through rigorous quality checks on reference stations before processing airborne data
  • Reduce re-work costs with more robust and accurate integration algorithms


  • Use built-in planning tools to take advantage of the most suitable GNSS conditions
  • Utilize smart time-saving features for effortless data processing with powerful quality control and analysis tools
  • Streamlined field-to-office workflow allows users to take full advantage of more appropriate features and processing modes


  • Increases scope: removes barriers to efficiency of high-accuracy mobile mapping
  • Increases robustness: rigorous quality checks and advanced algorithms ensure the first solution is the right solution, minimizing re-work
  • Increases accuracy: SmartSelect automatically selects, downloads and imports the best available Applanix SmartBase network of reference receivers
  • Increases productivity: reduce deployment costs, extend distances and areas, reduce re-work
“POSTrack + POSPac MMS with In-Fusion & SmartBase will be the best way forward in all aerial survey ops.”
Ezra PhilipseEzra Philipse, Technical Director, Aerodata International
"In the office, Applanix’ POSPac MMS software delivers fast and accurate data post-processing and versatile data output."
John KnowlesJohn Knowles, Vice President, First Base Solutions

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