Self Maintenance 

GPS Antenna (all systems)

  • Keep the ceramic antenna dome clean and free of scratches, as antenna dome imperfections will impact the GPS receiver's performance.
  • Inspect all antenna cables and connections once a year for loose cable ends, frayed cable insulation and scratched or damaged antenna surfaces.
  • Replace any damaged components.
  • No further maintenance is required.

 (all systems)
The IMU is a sealed unit and requires no maintenance. The IMU LED on the PCS front panel will indicate if the IMU has had a catastrophic failure. Should this LED fail to light, inspect the IMU cable for damage. In either case, contact Applanix Customer Support. The IMU is a sensitive instrument and must not be subjected to excessive shock or vibration. The IMU has a shock gauge that will trip if the shock limit is exceeded. Extreme care should be exercised when performing any routine maintenance in the vicinity of the IMU.

(POS LV and POS TG only)
Clean the DMI regularly by spraying with water to prevent dirt build-up. Because the unit is exposed to significant vibration, the cAollet bolts and bracket mounting screws should be inspected regularly for tightness.

The DMI LED on the PCS front panel will indicate if the DMI has had a failure. Should the DMI LED fail to flash when the vehicle is in motion, inspect the DMI cable and cable connectors for damage. In either case, contact your Applanix customer support representative.