Data Processing

If you're having trouble getting the accuracy you desire out of your post-processed solution, or if you just don't have the time to post-process all of your data, Applanix Corporation can do the work for you.

Our team of highly qualified support specialists will post-process your data, tailoring the navigation solution to your particular requirements. Even raw data with regions of poor quality can often be manipulated to produce a consistently accurate solution.

Applanix will process your data to the best realistically possible accuracy. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fully recover corrupted data, or be able to process through data gaps. To post-process your data, we will require your logged raw POS data and your raw GPS base station data (if applicable).

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Boresight Calibration Processing

Applanix Customer Support offers a boresight calibration processing service. We will perform all steps of the processing from extracting the raw POS data to providing you with a calibration certificate with your sensor specific boresight angles.


Using our standard POSPac software tools we will compute your camera's boresight angles. You can then either forward us a hard drive, or upload the files to our FTP server. Once the results are computed, typically within 2 days, we will provide you with a boresight calibration certificate outlining the results and accuracies computed.

Boresight angles should be verified from time to time. It is a must, if any work has been performed on the camera or the IMU has been moved from its original position.

You may not need to fly a specific boresight mission. We are able to compute your boresight angles on a project or previously flown mission as long as they fall within boresight flight specifications.

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