• Powerful yet easy to use mission planning software with digitization support using imagery from multiple sources
  • Daylight readable Smart Pilot touch display complete with yoke mount
  • Ruggedized, compact, low power hardware
  • Worldwide DEM coverage for mission planning
  • Integrated power and network switch with direct connect for up to two smart displays
  • Automatic leveling of stabilized mounts and yaw drift correction to maintain parallel and level images
  • Compact design and simplified cockpit configuration
  • Real-time sensor control with precise camera triggering and forward motion compensation using DEM information
  • Automated on/off stabilization control
  • Achieve maximum accuracy
  • Achieve maximum flexibility
  • Simplify operations
  • Protect your investment with a complete upgrade path
  • Reduce implementation costs
“Including a state-of-the-art new Trimble GNSS receiver and an even smaller form factor, the newest POSTrack is a very powerful FMS. It delivers smooth operations on even the largest flight plans.”
Ezra PhilipseEzra Philipse, Technical Director, Aerodata International
"The business of data collection was new for us, but Applanix has been a very supportive partner. Their technology and expert customer service has helped us to perform these projects and execute our business plan."
John KnowlesJohn Knowles, Vice President, First Base Solutions

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