Introducing Applanix POSPac 9: Unleash New Possibilities!

Announcing our most recent software update, Applanix POSPac 9! This update is designed to take your mobile mapping projects to new heights. Now with IN-Fusion+ Processing Mode & Tuned LiDAR QC Tools, get ready to unleash new possibilities with our industry-leading software for mobile mapping.

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  • PP-RTX® (Post-Processed RTX): Process your trajectory without a base station. This service works globally within minutes after data acquisition.
  • SmartBase: Process your trajectory with multiple free base stations (database holds thousands of stations worldwide) to overcome short baseline restrictions.
  • Network License: Perpetual and Term License Support in network environment. Local checkout license support for field jobs.
  • Survey Base Station Coordinates: Use static CenterPoint RTX® to survey in your base station coordinates.
  • LiDAR QC: Calibrate the boresight angles of your LiDAR and adjust the trajectory based on LiDAR Data.
  • Camera QC: Calibrate the boresight angles of your camera and/or run quality control of your image data.
  • Batch Processing: Process your data in batch command line mode to automate your production.
  • Multi-Single Base Processing: Optimized for corridor mapping projects.
  • Intuitive GUI and smart Plots: Quick user learning and smart plots to evaluate results.


  • No need to deploy base stations - make use of PP-RTX® Service or existing stations (SmartSelect)
  • Reduce flight time and fly sharper turns while maintaining performance quality
  • Use GNSS Quality Control (QC) to optimize solution/minimize operational cost
  • Obtain EO for Images with photogrammetric angles (industry formats supported)
  • Camera QC for boresight calibration and quality control


  • Eliminate the need to deploy GNSS base stations by using PP-RTX service or the POSPac free base station database (thousands of stations)
  • Use batch processing to streamline production
  • Use GNSS Quality Control (QC) to optimize solution and minimize operational cost
  • Obtain maximum immunity to GNSS outages in difficult environments - under bridges, cranes or other structures


  • Increase accuracy/efficiency by using SmartSelect downloading best base network for trajectory processing
  • LiDAR QC for boresight calibration and trajectory adjustment
  • Minimize re-work by getting first solution is right solution
  • Increase robustness by using GNSS Quality Control (QC) and optimize solution/minimize operational cost
  • Use batch command line mode to automate your production chain
POSTrack POSPac MMS with In-Fusion & SmartBase will be the best way forward in all aerial survey ops.
Ezra PhilipseEzra Philipse, Technical Director, Aerodata International
"In the office, Applanix POSPac MMS software delivers fast and accurate data post-processing and versatile data output."
John KnowlesJohn Knowles, Vice President, First Base Solutions

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