• In-FlightOrtho software: produces full-resolution orthorectified imagery in the aircraft as it is captured
  • Rugged, lightweight, custom-designed for air environment
  • DEM generation
  • Mapping grade camera: Calibration process USGS Certified
  • Pilot-only operation
  • Multi-sensor platform works with LiDAR, thermal, hyperspectral, etc.
  • Modular, expandable, customizable: configuration can be changed and/or upgraded as needed
  • Flight planning software
  • Available as an OEM board set for custom integration, to fit small form factors, weighing about 10 lbs. and fitting into a shoebox
  • Simple to use, yet highly accurate
  • Flexibility
  • Quick data turnaround
  • Mapping grade camera
  • Modular, expandable, customizable system
  • Direct Georeferencing
  • Pilot controlled operation
"Any aerial survey company looking to increase efficiency will benefit from Applanix technology. They are always innovating. You can expect a consistent stream of upgrades and new features promoting efficiency when you have their equipment,”
Neil DiFrancoProjects Manager, Keystone Aerial Surveys

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