From Applanix' President: Our Response to COVID-19
From Applanix' President: Our Response to COVID-19
Latest update about the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) from Dr. Steven Woolven, President of Applanix.

The world is grappling with an issue of enormous scale and human impact, and our hearts go out to all who have been affected by the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19). We would like to thank all the people in our industries who are still working hard to provide essential services during the outbreak. We are so appreciative of all the healthcare workers who are on the front lines of this pandemic.

To our customers and partners, Applanix Corporation, a division of Trimble Inc., has in place business continuity plans to protect the health and safety of our clients and employees and to ensure our customers a reliable supply of the highest quality products and services.


Business Operation Assurance

Applanix' operation continues to qualify as an essential service under the Government of Ontario’s order updated on April 3, 2020. Applanix’s operations meet the exemption for (i) Manufacturing, (ii) Supply Chains, (iii) Resources and Energy, and (iv) Research. 

Our manufacturing operation and repair sites remain open, and our staff continue to operate our supply chains and manufacturing floor. Many of our staff around the world are working from home to comply with local government regulations while they continue to provide services to new and returning customers. There have been no disruptions to our production or distribution operations, locally or internationally. 

Applanix’ global reach allows for our regional teams to provide uninterrupted customer services locally. We are on-hand to help with any inquiries, orders, or troubleshooting you may need, to keep your projects moving forward.


Limiting Unnecessary Exposure

While we normally encourage our customers to come and visit our head office and see our manufacturing facility, at this time we have temporarily suspended visitor accessincluding suppliers, vendors, customers, and building toursto all of our office locations as a precautionary measure.

Our goal is to minimize the flow of traffic and activity, thereby reducing the risk of exposure to our employees and, subsequently, the equipment that will be handled and shipped. These restrictions will continue until further notice.


Site Instructions, Maintenance, and Sanitization

Applanix is committed to supplying relevant, up-to-date information to our staff for the purposes of maintaining transparency, creating awareness, and encouraging best practices within our own facilities. Employees have been given instructional materials concerning effective hygiene habits (such as proper handwashing techniques), and important tools to assist in keeping workspaces clean. In addition to the standard cleaning that is part of our daily building maintenance, we have introduced additional measures to increase the sanitization of our facilities to protect onsite staff. We have established clear communications channels for our Emergency Response Team, and continue to monitor the changing situation closely.

We thank you and share your commitment to keeping our communities around the world safe.

If you would like to learn more from trusted sources, we highly recommend reading the WHO’s Q&A  and the CDC’s Index of Informationincluding this Recommended Strategies Guide for Businesses and Employers to make your space as safe as possible for everyone present.   

As events change daily, we may provide additional communications by email, and posted on the Applanix blog at



Dr. Steven Woolven
President, Applanix


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