TIMMS: Accurately measure and model interior spaces 

TIMMS is designed to maximize performance in large, complex indoor spaces. No matter how big the project, TIMMS delivers exceptional results in accuracy, productivity, and ease-of-use. A TIMMS cart will be on the floor at Intergeo in the Trimble booth, so go check it out! Also, attend our TIMMS presentation on Tuesday, Sept 26 at 11:30. Find out all the details by visiting Trimble's Intergeo page​. 

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Applanix DG FOR UAVs, Autonomy technologies...

We have a lot to show and a lot to announce at this year’s INTERGEO. Visit the booth and hear about our latest news in DG for UAVs, autonomous technologies, POS and POSPac software, and more!

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"Choosing Applanix was that simple, Applanix is the leader in the field and it was important to us to put their equipment in our aircraft and also to marry it with all the sensors systems so we could carry several payloads and that way we will be able to leapfrog some of the existing fixed wing aircrafts that fly Applanix systems. So we are very keen to keep working with Applanix on future developments."
Brian EgglestonDr. Brian Eggleston, Brican Flight Systems Inc
Applanix products are extremely reliable. We push them hard and they stand up. Their customer service is also exceptional extremely high expertise and very quick response
Neil DiFrancoEzra Philipse, Technical Director, Aerodata International

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