rapid response

the need

Emergencies, due to natural disasters or simply unforeseen events, often require immediate action from emergency response crews, such as those from the Army Corps of Engineers, to save lives and property. 

the challenge

Accurately and immediately assess the damage and locate areas requiring maximum relief efforts.  

the solution

Airborne imaging systems with POS AV direct georeferencing enable these responders to obtain precise orthophotos, and therefore full situational awareness, quickly and efficiently.  This information is extremely important in monitoring the event and coordinating rescue and relief efforts. 



indoor mapping

First responders may be responding to a situation inside a building, in which case accurate maps and models of the interior of buildings becomes important.  The Trimble Indoor Mobile Mapping Solution (TIMMS) is the optimal fusion of technologies for capturing spatial data of indoor and other GNSS-denied areas of all sizes and locations.  

Rapid Response

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