the need

Mining is a highly competitive industry where leveraging new technology and techniques to improve efficiency and profitability of operations is imperative, both in surveying open pits and everyday functions. The mining industry is in the transition towards automation, but automation is difficult and requires new and emerging technologies.

the challenge

Difficult conditions, changing mining environments, and busy and congested work areas are hurdles and impediments to positioning, making vehicle automation extremely difficult. Getting highly accurate maps of the area often has similar problems, especially when taking into account costs.

the solution

Mining automation, including automated haulage systems, represents a significant opportunity for cost savings and increased productivity. Applanix POS LV, our GNSS-aided inertial positioning system, is a critical component for implementing mining automation in vehicles.

Lightweight UAVs have emerged as a new and very effective solution for mine surveyors when it comes to mapping and assessing current mining conditions, cutting costs without hindering accuracy.


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