hydrographic survey

the need

Hydrographic survey is the measurement and accurate mapping of features which affect maritime navigation, marine construction, dredging, offshore oil exploration and many more activities. Hydrographic surveys are frequently performed along shorelines, in harbours, and in open seas. 

the challenge

Producing maps of the ocean-floor, of man-made structures in coastal waters, and of the geography in harbour waters means conducting detailed, highly accurate mobile mapping exercises onboard moving marine vessels in shallow, narrow, and frequently very rough waters.  Harsh sea conditions and GNSS outages can make these mobile mapping operations extremely difficult.

the solution

Today, multibeam sonar is the marine technology typically used by hydrographers in hydrographic survey, generating highly accurate seafloor mapping data. Georeferencing this data using the GNSS-aided inertial postioning system, Applanix POS MV, produces the most advanced and accurate solution for mapping the seafloor.  Applanix POS MV products are optimized for marine applications, incorporating technology such as TrueHeave™. The Applanix POS MV can be installed on dedicated survey vessels or deployed on vessels of opportunity for ad-hoc survey tasks.

Marine Survey

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