Case Studies

Take a real-world look at our technology with a series of case studies highlighting the advantages of Applanix systems in environments all around the world.

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Holographic GIS
Holographic GIS
The newest way to conceptualize GIS data reduces hazardous site visits, increases fieldworker collaboration -- and lifts the veil on otherwise inaccessible industrial systems concealed by the environment.
Cameras vs. LiDAR for Self-Driving Cars
Cameras vs. LiDAR for Self-Driving Cars
To be fully autonomous, cars need to localize themselves with high precision in relation to their environment, recognize and react to events appearing on the road beyond the reach of on-board sensors, and drive in accordance with the needs of passengers and other traffic participants.
The project required Stantec to cross the state, generating pavement condition survey information, together with simultaneously captured high-resolution digital video imaging. Both pavement and imaging data needed to be accurately georeferenced ...
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) held its third Grand Challenge competition on November 3, 2007. The DARPA Urban Challenge features autonomous ground vehicles executing simulated military supply missions safely and effectively in ...
PASCO Corporation is one of the world’s largest suppliers of geographic information and one of the leaders in implementing the most advanced surveying and GIS technology in the Far East. Based in Tokyo, PASCO is heavily involved with digital data ...
Immersive Media Corporation (IMC)
Immersive Media Corporation (IMC) is an advanced digital video imaging company with clients worldwide. Using eleven video streams arranged according to geodesic geometry, immersive video captures an almost complete spherical image; a high-resolution ...
Sanborn selects Applanix’ Landmark™ mobile mapping system to fuel business growth! Sanborn provides comprehensive end-to-end geospatial solutions (products and services) that satisfy diverse and evolving customer needs for GIS software systems ...

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