ApplanixPPK [BETA]

Get the highest precision post-processing straight from our easy-to-use web app

ApplanixPPK - Your One-Stop Tool for Higher Precision Positioning Data

ApplanixPPK is a Web App Cloud Service used to post-process kinematic position for UAVs/drones. It supports rover and base Rinex files for upload and trajectory merge. This is an easy-to-use Web App to improve the position data of your drone payload. Well known products such as DJI Phantom 4 (Pro or RTK) can be processed by just a few clicks. ApplanixPPK provides the following results:

  • Applanix ASCII file with PhotoId and position data in the UTM mapping frame at the time of exposure

  • UASMaster PRJ file with EO at time of exposure

  • Applanix binary SBET file @1Hz

  • Applanix ASCII file @1Hz

  • Report File and Log Files

ApplanixPPK combines POSPac processing techniques with Trimble GNSS technology.

Web app
No software to download
Pay per use
Monthly contract
Plus additional pay-per-use
High accuracy and high precision
High accuracy
High precision

Easy to use
Results in a few clicks


  • Automatically generates position at time of exposure

  • Fast and robust GNSS ambiguity solution

  • “Survey in” function for provided base station (base coordinates processed by Trimble CenterPoint® RTX™ Technology) – no need to triangulate coordinates offline or by other service

  • Web App creates PhotoId “on-the-job” eliminating the need to create it manually upfront 

  • Solution is delivered in different formats (e.g. Applanix ASCII, UASMaster PRJ, Applanix SBET)

  • Processing Report and Log Files available

  • Keeps record of all projects as long as account is active

  • Re-process same data at no additional cost

  • Applanix world-wide support (24/7)


  • Easy-to-use Web App

  • Get results in a few clicks

  • No need to learn desktop software or have background knowlege of GNSS processing

  • No need to purchase separate software

  • Reduce upfront capital investment

  • No perpetual license

  • Monthly rate with pay-per-use upgrade options (e.g. add flight minutes for processing) to tailor to individual usage

  • Reduce effort in the field (e.g. GCPs) and post-processing work (e.g. AT)

  • Obtain a high accuracy Carrier Phase Differential GNSS Solution without the cost and complexity of setting up an RTK base and link

  • Never lose a mission due to lost RTK link

  • Always get the best possible position via forward and reverse processing

  • Automatic software version upgrades in cloud

  • Eliminate cost and complexity to survey in an RTK base in the field using the automatic Trimble CenterPoint® RTX survey feature

  • Ensure the right solution every time with best-in-class, industry-leading GNSS processing algorithms from Applanix and Trimble 

  • Eliminate the cost of tracking and storing processing projects locally with immediate web access

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