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Directly Georeferenced Aerial Imagery

learn how direct georeferencing of digital aerial imagery works in this interactive tutorial.


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GNSS/Inertial Factoids

Each GPS satellite transmits a unique code, precisely timed by an on-board atomic clock, which is identified by a GPS receiver on the ground

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The DSS 500 featuring In-FlightOrtho™ is a high-productivity “end-to-end” solution designed to make aerial mapping fast and efficient.  The DSS 500 produces highly accurate, high-resolution color and color-infrared digital orthophotos and orthomosaics while still in the air, thereby making in air quality checks a reality.  Avoid re-flying missions with DSS 500 -  and save time and money.

With multiple camera options and configurations, a variety of collection needs ranging from corridor mapping to disaster response mapping and tactical mapping are met with the DSS.  It is a flexible platform that can be customized to meet all needs and price points.

Click here to watch Joe Hutton, Director of Airborne Products for Applanix, discuss the DSS 500 with In-FlightOrtho!

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•   Simple to use, yet highly accurate:  Rugged system architecture is shock and vibration tested and meets RTCA/DO-160G specifications which makes it perfect for an airborne environment
•   Mapping grade camera:  Calibration process USGS certified
•   Direct georeferencing:  AT (Aerial Triangulation) not required
•   Choice of Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs)
•   Professional installation, crew training, and 1 year of ongoing
    customer support included with every system
•   Flexibility:  Custom lenses and lens-mount configuration
    allows for easy removal and replacement, in flight, without
•   Modular, expandable, customizable system.  Can be configured with:
        o    Dual cameras for greater productivity
        o    Simultaneous CIR/NIR, or VIS/Hyperspectral
        o    Lidar
        o    Oblique camera
        o    Rapid ortho development
•   Pilot controlled operation:  Built-in automated Flight
    Management System (FMS)
•   Quick data turnaround:  End-to-end digital processing and
    direct data import into photogrammetric and GIS systems


Rapid Response Mapping
•    Rapid mobilization for emergencies and disaster management
•    Time-dependent image acquisition, change detection
•    Homeland security
        o   Situation assessment
        o   Border security

Tactical/Reconnaissance Mapping
•    Threat assessment and preparedness
•    Mission planning and operations preparation
•    Damage assessment
•    Personnel and equipment movement monitoring

Corridor Mapping
•    Linear mapping projects
•    Pipeline surveys
•    Power line corridors
•    Transportation routes

•    Orthophoto base maps
•    Rapid image acquisition
•    Urban and regional planning

Remote Sensing
•    Color-Infrared imaging
•    Object classification
•    Environmental assessment
•    Coastal zone monitoring
•    Forestry
    o   Species identification
    o   Timber value assessment
    o   Disease control

•    Recurrent image acquisition and analysis
•    Disease monitoring


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