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 Urban mapping Environment

Urban Mapping Environment

View this animated tour to see how the POS LV system maintains precise positioning through a harsh GPS environment.


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GNSS/Inertial Factoids

The Kalman Filter has revolutionized the field of estimation and was the corner stone of NASA's early space programs, providing inertial guidance systems for the Ranger, Mariner and Apollo missions.

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POS LV is a compact, fully integrated, turnkey position and orientation system, utilizing integrated inertial technology to generate stable, reliable and repeatable positioning solutions for land-based vehicle applications.

Designed to operate under the most difficult GPS conditions found in urban and suburban environments, POS LV enables accurate positioning for road geometry, pavement inspection, GIS database and asset management, road surveying and vehicle dynamics.

POS LVX is a new configuration of POS LV.  Housed in a robust, rugged enclosure and easily incorporated into small vehicles, autonomous platforms and tight spaces of all types, it is designed for the smaller, modular mobile mapping system.

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•    Generates continuous, accurate, position and orientation information under the most difficult GPS conditions
•    Produces precise, high-rate, low-latency, real-time data
•    Operates at normal highway traffic speeds for cost-effective data capture
•    Allows quick operational capability, with installation, calibration and training completed in as little as three days
•    Includes an automatic redundant data logging capability
•    Uses the latest survey-grade GPS technology for improved positioning performance
•    Requires less space in the survey vehicle, using a small, lightweight POS Computer System (PCS)
Pavement Analysis
  • Monitoring road surface conditions
  • Surface crack detection
  • Rutting
  • Cross-fall and gradient

Asset Management

  • Road sign/traffic signal inventory etc
  • Hydro/utility pole maintenance scheduling
  • Tree inventory and assessment
  • Videolog data capture

GIS Data Capture

  • Road corridor map data obscured by bridges, tunnels, urban canyons
  • Centerline road mapping

Vehicle Dynamics

  • Generating data on high-performance vehicle movement
  • Machine control positioning and orientation for construction vehicle operations
  • Positioning data for vehicle navigation systems
  • Autonomous vehicle navigation sub-systems
The increased demand for accurate absolute positioning has meant the more traditional georeferencing methodology, of using linear distance traveled to provide relative location data, is now no longer acceptable for many applications.
The POS LV system generates precise, robust positioning and orientation information for mobile data acquisition systems. The system combines all the advantages of GPS with those of inertial technology, to provide continuous and accurate data. By utilizing the POS LV system, data capture can be undertaken quickly and efficiently.
•    IMU: Inertial Measurement Unit generates a true representation of vehicle motion in all three axes, producing continuous, accurate position and orientation information
•    PCS: POS Computer System enables raw GPS data from as few as one satellite to be processed directly into the system, to compute accurate positional information in areas of intermittent, or no GPS reception
•    DMI: Distance Measurement Indicator computes wheel rotation information to aid vehicle positioning
•    GPS Receivers: Embedded GPS receivers provide heading aiding to supplement the inertial data
•    GPS Antennas: Two GPS antennas generate raw observables data


Learn more about POS LV

New! View an animated description of the benefits of the POS LV system. Find out how GPS works, why you need more than just GPS, and how Robotic Vehicles use the POS LV solution to navigate. Click the links below to download and play:

Part 1: How GPS Works (10.2MB)

Part 2: Beyond GPS (6.5MB)

Part 3: Robotic Navigation (7.4MB)

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